Tech Leaders' Best Business, Success and Marketing Tips

Four technology experts reveal their advice and predictions on the future of marketing.

Building your network is an important part of your success in business and life in general. It’s helpful to have a group of colleagues and friends to turn to for business and marketing help. Of the conferences that I speak at, Affiliate Summit is one of my favorites. Conferences are an excellent way to network with other professionals, to teach, to learn and to find solutions to my clients’ needs. This year at Affiliate Summit East, I interviewed four technology experts, one of whom is one of the co-founders of the event, to understand their best business and marketing tips.

Three of the experts expressed that they felt that marketing had to include a personal element. Connecting with the customer on a more intimate level is important, but so is tailoring the messaging to the audience's individual situations. Likewise, remarketing should also be very focused.

When building a company, the teammates you select to work with are critical to the success of the business. Choosing the best of the best helps, but leading them is also important and a skill to be mastered.

Brandon Gustafson, an assistant professor of marketing of Oakland University, shared what he feels is most important for marketing success is understanding how to engage and to connect with customers on a personal level. “It’s always great to focus on moving through and getting a sale, but the overall engagement piece and really connecting with a customer on a more personal level will help create longer customer lifetime value,” Gustafson said.

Shawn Collins, a co-founder of Affiliate Summit, advises everyone to always be themselves no matter what they are involved in; from meetings to public speaking, being yourself is the best way to establish solid relationships. He emphasized that perfection isn’t necessary. “Being genuine really goes a long way not only for a personal brand but for a corporate brand,” Collins said.

Vadim Rogovskiy, the founder of Clickky, a solution provider for mobile publishers, advertisers and ad networks, offered sage advice about seeking out the best people to work with and learning how to lead. “There is a notion that each person you work with should be better than you in some specific area,” he said. Beyond that, Rogovskiy says that leaders should prioritize tasks and inspire their team.

Alex Bornyakov, the CEO of Verta Media, a supply-side platform for efficient ad serving technology, talked about the future of marketing and remarketing in personalization. He knows that traditional ads do not take into consideration all the differences in people, including their nationality, location or many of their interests. “The future of marketing will be in personalization and remarketing. Remarketing in the future will be very, very targeted,” he said.

For me, advancing your career or building a business is all about surrounding yourself with motivated people who can help each other with knowledge and experience. Through speaking at conferences and corporate workshops, I’ve expanded my networking group and know that I am fortunate to be surrounded with hard working, brilliant tech leaders.

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